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Fabuloso is a popular brand of grape soda, manufactured by the Coca-Cola company. It was first manufactured in Mexico, and like all Mexican Coke products, uses real sugar instead of corn syrup. It has been described as having a bitter taste, similar to rival Pepsi product, Mistolin.


Fabuloso was accidentally invented in 1935, by a drunk Mexican trying (and failing) to make wine. Fabuloso quickly overtook Coca-Cola sales in the region. In 1970, Fabuloso was bought by Coca-Cola, which initially wanted to discontinue the “unpalatable” drink, but mass backlash across Mexico quickly caused them to reverse that plan, and instead increase Fabuloso production sevenfold. In 1995, Coke started selling Fabuloso in the United States, to appeal to Hispanic communities near the border.


Until 2005, Fabuloso only came in the original grape flavour. However, to compete with Mountain Dew’s ever-expanding lineup of flavours, several new flavours have recently been introduced, including the breakout hit, Bleach Alternative.

Cleaning product?[edit]

There are rumours that Fabuloso can be used as an all-purpose cleaner. Coke denies these claims, saying that “Fabuloso is meant for drinking, not cleaning”. However, it should be mentioned that Fabuloso removes stains from clothing faster than most brands of detergent.