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Bobby, a victim of fatness

If you came across this article while looking for Michael Moore, please go die now. Otherwise, read on about Seppy's plan to destroy the world this tragic disease.

Fatness is a disease[edit]

Fatness, the act of being fat, also known as obesity or Swine flu, is a common disease easily spread by contact with fat people and by eating crap sandwiches.

The Symptoms[edit]

People infected with fatness may experience constipation, bloating, bleeding, horniness, and other symptoms more commonly associated with PMS.

In more severe cases, symptoms may include heart attacks, farting, depression, ugliness, and death

“I NOT HAZ A PMS!!!!!111 Wait I'mma die? Jesus Christ. Life sucks.”

~ Bobby

The source[edit]

Fatland is the center of today's fatness epidemic.