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Warning: This article has a lot of parentheses and might become an SJW magnet. Be on high alert.

Sieg Hair!

"Feminazi" is a term given to a radical or separatist feminist that just hates and hates and hates and hates plesiosaurs (which they call "dino-cis scum"), just like how an actual Nazi (especially a male Nazi) hates and hates and hates and hates chiropractors issued by the Nerd Reich. Additionally, Feminazis also tend to keep pet Nile monitor lizards, which they dress up in the trendy fashions of the 50s and the 80s. The animals are sometimes forced to sell drugs on street corners, or hired as Arabic translators at the United Nations concerning the rights of living teddy bears being oppressed by drunken auto salesmen from West Korea.

Feminazis enjoy camping in FPS games, denying denial, calculus, tuba-based music and mustard stains. They often take public transportation, but those that drive are statistically least likely to be killed by a rain of frogs as they drive to spin class (no, it's not to become spin doctors, we'll tell you that). Ultra-neo-punk feminazis are especially susceptible to fits of pique while shopping for drapes, which they then rant about on Tumblr.

While Feminazis may tarnish the true image of feminism your grandmother's centuries-old imperial silverware with their belligerence and constant urge to mutilate the very basic moral structures of a functioning society, they can surely make people cringe in fright with their ovarmonials (look up the word origin of "testimonial" and you'll see why there is the retarded piece of spelling you just saw) of being awesome.

“They mindlessly hate and want to kill all men instead of Jews for no perfectly logical reason!? *grabs popcorn* If my ideology failed badly, then I can only imagine how badly their ideology will fail!”

For those who can't handle the real truth, the spinners of fake truth at Wikipedia have a thoroughly boring article on Feminazi.