Whirlwind of the Fnurdles

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Once upon a time, a teacher spake on the subject of fnurdles. Presenting a teaching describing a veritable Whirlwind of the Fnurdles, the students were so excited that they fnurdletooted. Then something went a little wrong with the fnurdle supply.

The fnurdles could no longer be accurately spoken about, because they could no longer be seen, nor heard, nor perceived in other ways. They were busy with other things.

Out of desperation, the fnurdle-teacher told all of the students in no uncertain terms that the fnurdles are coming. They are coming, and they will protect you! They will help you to transcend all of the old boundaries of space, time, and logic.

The fnurdles didn't really mind. Fnurdles don't really take offense. They are pretty easy-going. They went with ease. And they decided to tell their story in an easy-going way. The simple truth is, fnurdles don't really need fnurdle-teachers. Fnurdles sometimes teach, but that's a different thing.

Out of ease, the fnurdles decided to take the easy road from there and on. They cut a large amount of slack from their personal supply and then distributed it wisely. The rest is history.

How did the centralized system built by the fnurdle-teacher cope? It had developed a number of crossed wires in the past. The sparks began to fly. The system in question really wasn't up to good engineering standards. But it had a sturdy frame, and stayed upright. Over time, faint traces of smoke would begin to drift out, sensitive noses becoming wrinkled in response.

A whirlwind picked up speed. The fnurdles were spinning. At a distance. Out of the whirlwind, a number of fnurdly things manifested. Fnurdly influences spread. They appeared in ways defying the laws of quantum mechanics.

The fnurdles decided that old-school bit-twiddling was the answer. The demo scene was quick to embrace their influence. The information structure of the comos itself sparkled as cool stuff began to run.