Frunobulaxial manifestation

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Sometimes Frunobulax manifests in this form. A long, long time ago...

Frunobulaxial manifestations are celebrated by mankind by making papier-mâché gorillas, putting peanut butter in the jock straps of rival sportsmen, singing in tongues[1] carrying signs that read, "Friendship is like an ointment", eating waffles, mocking chickens, putting dog poop on the shoes of the person you intend to divorce, watching old Godzilla movies and smoking primo kif[2], lurking in ballroom dance studios and sharpening cutlery. Children wear celery[3] in their hair and exchange gifts of soap.

Because manifestations usually occur on short notice, congregants are rushed in their preparations and frequently out of breath when Frunobulax manifests. When official Dyadic mantras are droned, the aura around her appearance takes on a green hue. Physicists[4] believe this is due to a cupric spike in her dark energy pouches. Glad tidings are had by all.

Reasonable people avoid being drawn in to debates about the Holy Nature of the Dog. Arguments spanning centuries on the subject are still not resolved. That way lies madness.[5]

See Cautiously[edit]

Why does he clank when he walks?[edit]

  1. Singing in tongues is defined as that spiritually inspired by psychic messaging with the Dog.
  2. it is by no means compulsory to smoke kif or any thing else, nor consume any mind-altering substance when watching old Godzilla movies. An enthusiast watches them for reason that stand alone. Having said that, some of us enjoy a few tokes to enhance the humorous aspect of an impossible creature that eats uses radiation as a weapon destroying Japan.
  3. Celery was discovered by Roman historian Pliny the Awkward in 1388BC while on sabbatical in Beijing. His landlord was using it as a broom, but soon stopped in favor of the common straw broom. It was hoped that the moisture in fresh celery leaves would pick up more dirt, but the plant proved unsturdy and ineffective. Pliny discovered it cured syphilis.
  4. Physics is magick under the guise of science. They use all this crazy math no one understands to divert the rest of us from the truth: it's wizardry. It is not clear whether there are greater forces of good and evil behind it, but there are signs. For instance, EuroSatan is on the Board of Trustees which runs CERN.
  5. I don't like cat drool.