Hot Dog

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I am da hot dog, you are da hot dog we are all happy happy hot dogs”

~ Cold dog

“Hot dogs? No, I don't much care for them.”

~ Eris, goddess of discord.


~ Typical American.
A Hot Dog in it's neutral state.
Eat it...
Rule 34, ladies and gentlemen!

A Hot Dog is a delicious meal fed to other sacks of flesh & water so that they can lose their mouths. These tasty treats are created when a wiener is castrated, stuffed into a bread bun, and has copious amounts of mustard squirted onto it. Don't forget to add a small teaspoon of dog hair, and voilà! A perfectly crisp Hot Dog!

My reaction upon eating my first Hot Dog[edit]

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, tastes like porkbutt.

Hot Dog, Hot Hog, is so good! I like Hot Dogs, with the chilly, and the cheese, and the relish, and the salt, and the olive oil, and the this, and the that, and whatever.

Trivia: Hot Dogs 101[edit]

Some animated fun with hot dogs[edit]