I have some idea

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This is your limousine driver.

I have some idea of what I'm doing. This morning, when I woke up, there was this strange sensation of Kaizuming in my left leg. My first thought was to call a priest, but I thought better of it. Last time the priest died. Although I'm glad he's dead, still... it wasn't my fault. It wasn't as though he'd gone out for an early morning stroll to get come fresh air and watch the birds crap. This reminds me to refill the bird feeder, so my reindeer can be entertained for a few hours, while I go into town to get some grubs.

Nancy thought I had an idea too. She suspected, glimpsing me walking into the libary through her crazy dangling bangs. She covets my power, which is crazy. I think she's got issues with dogs, but I don't care. She's not my problem today.

As I sauntered up to the cigarette machine, fumbling for quarters in my pocket, a ninja seemingly materialized to my right, just at the edge of my peripheral vision, low to the ground and menacing. But no, it was my sons cat. The black one this time. They're both stealthy.

The idea was just beginning to congeal, from its individual sections and rafters to the protoplasmic precursor to a mystics nightmare, or perhaps, a noble prophesy. Or perhaps, like most ideas, worth barely more than a fart against the tsunami of actuality.

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