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Innocent human
Aliens at the game.jpg
Find the innocent human in this picture.
Conservation Status
  Least Concern  
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Vertebrata
Class Mammalia
Order Meatbag
Family Human
Genus Canis
Species H. Useless
Width 0.4m (avg)
Length 2m (avg)
Binomial Name
Homo Conglomo
(Panchromatic Resonance, 2011)

“There aren't any! You're ALL guilty!!”

~ Morality Police

“Aaaaah! It's a Dalek!”

“Bob dole.”

~ Bob dole

Innocent humans are strange animals commonly found in badly animated movies such as Godzilla, Jurrasic Park and Doctor Who. They are not endangered, which is a surprise considering the rate that they are killed, by marauding aliens and the like. They communicate by screaming shrilly.

They are commonly found in large crowds waiting to be slaughtered.

Other things that could be possibly related to innocent humans[edit | edit source]

And nothing else.