The Twitchy Thumb of Illogia

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Illogia has a highly twitchy thumb. No one knows why, but the Twitchy Thumb of Illogia is held to be an integral part of the chaotic nature of Illogicopedia, and results in all manner of oddities|~-asD)(IA@xa6783bdsA&T#TS&^&Q from time to time.

Possible causes[edit]

Though far from certain, there are several hypotheses regarding just why Illogia's thumb is so twitchy, the most significant of which are listed below.

  • Caffeinated Community – The hypothesis of the Caffeinated Community holds that a likely cause of the twitchiness of Illogia's thumb is the caffeination of Illogicopedian editors. Well, some of the editors, at least.
  • Excessive Head Hitting – This hypothesis holds that the rampant practice of head hitting Illogicopedia has taken its toll on Illogia's head. This view is widely considered to be sacrilegious, and adherents may be bananasliced without notice.
  • Garbage Approaching – It has been speculated that Illogia might have fallen victim to the garbage-can approach and been clobbered to the point of panic. It has also been speculated that those who have thus speculated might be full of utter garbage. This, naturally, can't possibly be accurate. It simply cannot be true. Never!