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This song is about cheese, actually no it isn't.

The Odd Song, by XY007[edit | edit source]

I finally wrote a poem which doesn't rhyme
No time, no time, no time
It's an odd poem so it doesn't need to rhyme
No rhyme, no rhyme, no rhyme

I like those onion rings, but they are
Not prepared correctly
You thieved them from under the cheese sandwich maker
And coated them in batteries

You are ham and plums, you are orange pulp
You are plastic cheese and washing wipes
I am chairs and ice-cream
But I am not perfect, nor am I French

When you're going by bus to Northland Shopping Centre
Act like a ferret, and destroy all the seats
Don't, but then be a seal, and ask the bus driver,
'Where is the water?'

When he kicks you off, which he won't, complain.
And give him the money. He is gas tap and a receiver box.
He has a pet radio named Larry Sue.

I know what you're thinking, cheese. Perhaps you're not mentioned?
But I put him in a pie, and listened over and over again
to Singular Ways to Die.

He's committed several crimes in his times
But no rhymes
And this one rhymes, this time
Rhymes on two dimes

Two? Oh wait... no, this is a cheese party
Only salamis admitted
Your bowl of steam can contribute, the minks ahead

I am an idiotic llama lava weasel,
but nothing's better than that.
I eat food when I'm hungry
and people die if they are killed.

But there's more to life than that.
You just listened to the Odd Song.