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Mebbe you were looken fer the Reeeal history of Illogicopedia.

Illogicopedia created God who created life which created various admins and members of Illogicopedia which caused a war which created a help page which inspired some loner to create Uncyclopedia which created some really pissed off users which caused Illogicopedia to appear which created God who created Alka-seltzer.

Rolling Unto thine floor laughing[edit | edit source]

Illogicopedia was drafted to fight in the first world war, but was sent home due to it being a website and not actually able to hold a gun. A similar occurance happened in world war 2 and 6, but not 6 so much, just 19. At the age of 6ixty Illogicopedia was institutionalised and was put under the care of Dr. Mutedbirdwhoprefersthecolderareasoftheworld. Dr. Birdofcolderareaswhorefusestotalkforlegalreasons took Illogicopedia under his wang, and soon had turned it into a half respectable website, which was promptly shat on by the arrival of A l33t Haxx00r known as Wally to the site's members list. Wally Haxx't l33tly for 3 hours, and had soon deleted or just Crapulized everything in the site. SP got angry at this and shredded his spine.

Back unto thine feet[edit | edit source]

Over the next few hundred thousand million years, SP put all of his efforts unto re-buildulising the site. However, after re-mortgaging his house and selling his wife to the slave-trade, he finally ran out of money. All seemed lost, but then magically the site became normal again for some reason. This confused SP at first, untill he saw that another had arrived, a powerful mage/admin known only as Jesus. This new arrival agreed to aid SP in the upkeep of the site untill he was back on his flippers.

Then things got even more funky and random[edit | edit source]

Jesus seemed to have vastly incredible l33t admin-ing skillz, and he easily maintained the site whilst SP worked on raking in cash and getting the all time high score on the popular game 'Pacman meets Godzilla and they fight using over the top siezure style battle moves'. However, one day Jesus was decapitated by a stray Koala, and SP was forced to re-take control. He did what any self-styled cool cat would do, and called the A-team. However, they were busy saying hilarious catchphrases and looking cool, so instead he appointed some new admins to help him, although it made him wonder why he had not just done this to begin with.

That was totally Fruity[edit | edit source]

That about wraps up the history of Illogicopedia. Except the longwinded and boring bit about the amazing epic battle between the armies of God and the Devil to decide the fate of the Universe.

Peace out. Or is it...?