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Ami Army
Pictured: the now-current Ami Army membership, looking more casual than ever while secretly being the look-alikes of five out of seven members of BTS.
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Leader Dekkusu
Founded French Fry Dynasty
Anthem PONPONPON de Floor / Cook Some Dishes vs. All's Not Fair (Reprise)
Unofficial Anthem Waste It On Me
Political Ideology Collect all five
Affiliates Apathy in Action
Communist Calamity
The Opposition of Off-Tropic
Official deputy Bunnyhuggles Kaz
Political colours Tropical freakin' sunset
  Note: pronouncing 'Ami Army' only works if you're English or Australian, on behalf of the Commonwealth Registry of Lame Puns  

After the localised and momentary success of Flabebism, the Ami Army became the latest and hippest of faux-weeaboo, fiction-inspired political inactivism pursuits. Unenthusiastically led by Deckstera Symphora and governed by a few other non-existent entities, the party never sought to actively recruit people, but would rather meet once every week to do some knitting, and occasionally fold origami.

With most its political notions stemming from Apathy in Action, the Ami Army regularly seeks guidance from Kaz, the local harp seal, to compile verses in their collective text Ami's Diary, which contains many profound dogmas such as "Sometimes, I wash whites with colours", and "I like pastrami".

The party is also not wholly independent, and displays this not only through their connections to Apathy in Action (aforementioned) but by their relations to communists from Mars, from whom they derived the second part of their political anthem (Cook Some Dishes vs. All's Not Fair).

Basic principles[edit]

The few core tenets of Amiarmyology are known to be:

  • Always act on a regular schedule. If your alarm clock is five seconds late, act on a five-second delay.
  • If all else fails, go to the source. (For example, if the store is out of cereal, head to the cereal factory).
  • Try not to be too edgy. Pastel goth is not permitted.
  • If you are stuck on a surfboard in the middle of the ocean and your friend is actually sushi, it may be necessary to eat them for survival.
  • Tea time isn't over yet.


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