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Currently on the Podcast[edit | edit source]

Description Content Authors/Contributors Released Listen
Best of Illogicomedia 2007-2008 Cooking with the Chipmunk
Content stolen from the Uncyc podcast
More info...
Hindleyite, Silent Penguin, MetalFLower
Goshzilla, Asema, T3PO
2009-04-08 [ Podomatic ]
Illogicast #1: Fiddle Me Fee Trip to Area 51
OMG Scary Alien interview
More info...
Hindleyite, Darkgenome, T3PO 2009-04-14 [ Podomatic ]
Illogicast #2 with DJ Nerd42 Random article readings
Commercial break
More random article readings!
Nerd42 2011-01-13 [ Podomatic ]
Illogicast #3 with DJ Nerd42 Random article readings
The Dark side of the The Moon!
Nerd42 2011-06-23 [ Podomatic ]

Podcast Extra[edit | edit source]

Yeah, it's like those programmes on E4 or ITV3, but miles better. Check out the Illogicopedia YouTube channel for outtakes and podcast extras.

Contribute[edit | edit source]

How to contribute[edit | edit source]

You can contribute. More on this after I've had my tea.

Right. That chicken was good. Now, to add to the podcast, do the following:

  1. Record your story. Audacity will do this fine. You will need a microphone: a carrot will simply not do, unless it is a 'special' carrot.
  2. Export as a WAV or MP3 file, or anything really.
  3. Email your file to Hindleyite

Stuff we want[edit | edit source]

Basically anything at the moment, including, but not limited to:

  • Illogical poems
  • Random ramblings
  • Spoken versions of articles
  • Any other audio weirdness and mashups