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Some will love it, some will hate it, some will love and hate it - they be trolling... it's either a big plate of fail or a whole cup of awesome depending on taste. U Mad?

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Internet Mythology is the name given to the endless ocean of legends, myths and falsehoods involving the mythical land of the Internet. Internet Mythology has several prominent figures and events that make up a rich and diverse universe - one which is much like our own only completely different: although it is impossible to chronicle all of Internet Mythology (much of it now lost to time) what follows is the best known collection of Internet Mythology currently available..

Internet Mythology[edit]

Central Figures Of Internet Mythology[edit]

Internet Gods[edit]

The Internet Gods were the ruling pantheon of gods that existed prior to the First Flamewar and resided almost exclusively in the Forum Of The Gods, their rule was a long and tiresome one that ended dramatically when Master Troll was formed from the sea of whining and caused the Internet Gods to destroy the Forum Of The Gods in a fiery tide of nerd-rage and righteous fury.

Master Troll[edit]

Master Troll is one of the central figures of Internet Mythology and is the patron god of Trolls - his many exploits can be found on his own special section (because he's a big show-off):

Master Troll

Epic Fail Guy[edit]

Epic Fail Guy is the only known force in Internet Mythology that can take on Master Troll and was most active during the Days Of Failure - however despite his relatively short appearance in Internet Mythology he still has his own section:

Epic Fail Guy

Major Events In Internet Mythology[edit]

The First Flamewar[edit]

Age Of Lol[edit]

Days Of Failure[edit]

The Days Of Failure refer to the dark period of time that Epic Fail Guy was allowed to roam freely across the Internet, putting an end to the Age Of Lol - during this period of time many sites fell victim to the tide of failure that spread like a plague across the Internet.

Master Troll was aware of this disaster but approved of Epic Fail Guy at first, believing him to be a fellow troll, unfortunately for Master Troll his tolerance of Epic Fail Guy would lead to a personal attack from the monstrosity and spark what would become known as the "Mother Of All Battles".

Mother Of All Battles[edit]


The "Mother Of All Battles" refers to the first confrontation between Master Troll and Epic Fail Guy, an event that would change the course of Internet Mythology as the two beings engaged in a massive battle that lasted for seven days and seven nights.

The "Mother Of All Battles" was started when Epic Fail Guy committed a grave sin upon Master Troll by causing him to fail, angering Master Troll sufficently that he would engage Epic Fail Guy in battle - however even before the "Mother Of All Battles" Epic Fail Guy was running rampant across the Internet and causing massive amounts of fail to spread at an alarming rate: he was simply ignored by Master Troll up until the moment he committed the grave sin.

At any rate the seven day and seven night battle between the two beings was said to be an awe-inspiring sight as Master Troll unleashed his full power upon Epic Fail Guy only to find himself nearly overpowered by Epic Fail Guy's unrivalled command of failure.

However as with all good mythology (except that crazy Lovecraft) the battle between stupid and stupider was won and Master Troll prevailed, saving the Internet from the massive amounts of fail that Epic Fail Guy was sure to unleash..

In celebration Master Troll hacked into the accounts of all his followers and infini-banned them, though he would give them back their accounts in time after helping himself to half their life savings (showing he is indeed a merciful soul).

Battle Of The Chans[edit]

Prominent Places In Internet Mythology[edit]

Forum Of The Gods[edit]

Great Beyond[edit]

Stuff In Internet Mythology Nobody Cares About[edit]