Jello! Magazine

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A magazine designed for the building of fold-out paper (and 10% jellotine) fortresses of obstruction.

Unfortunately there is no "one that I made earlier" landing the suspecting suspicious supercilious super soup-pour shambles- shh! Someone's listening, reader to build a huge structure with only very informative detailed instructions, a team of non-british or american builders, a foreman with 10 GCSE's, 4 A levels and an enrichment course in mandalin.

(As well as Barry Scott's optional voice to direct you when you go untop-notch during the build.)

Other features[edit]

Near the back of the magazine there is a short 50 page A1 sheet sized porn section with a guarantee from Harry Potter himself.

Readers of Jello! magazine are known to tremble in the face of death and, when reading the 50 page pull-out, tremble elsewhere...

Other great supermarket rags!!!:[edit]