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Those of you foreign enough to have actually read my title and clicked the link will now be hex-pecting (heh, see what I did there?) a long and boring article to go with it. Instead, I have opted to fill this space with a slightly edited extract from the popular children's porno-mag, Harry Potter and the Magician of an Alakazam Good time.

Barry Trotter ripoff.

Please stand for the entry of this text.

Curtains open, Harry is jerking off to a statue of himself and his half-brother-turned-sex-slave Ron is sodomizing the idealisms of Christianity.

Harry: Hey, Ron, blarble-garf?
Ron: Your speech seems to have disintegrated into meaningless pigeon excrement.
Harry: Oh yes, so it has, my bliss-take, I forgot to speak Engrish.
Ronald: That's perfectly allmight, my slightly fat elder-crab.
Harry: Are you implying that I have too many fingers?
Rofl: That is none of our business.

Enter Steven Hawking, the female of the threesome, filling in for Hermionie who blew up

Harry: Oh my, what a startling plot twist!
Rob: Indeed, my hairy-dairy counterpart.
Mr Blobby: Bleep bleep bloop blop.
Harry: That information is incorrect, you inspirational son of an A4 sheet of verbal diarrhoea!
Rod: Indupidably!
Harry: My Harry sense is tingling, either trouble is close by or I have an erection.

Dumblewhore apparates in their room naked, gives a twirl, and disappears back to his brothel.

Pope enters and shakes his rudebox, curtain closes, audience claps, everyone tells their friends about this site.

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