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Clarkson smokes a small woodland animal

“And now for the sweetest car you will ever see, the king of automatic vehicles... Richard Hammond's winkle!”

~ Jemerz on Hammerz

Jeremy Claaarkson is the most hated man who ever lived... in the world. He once got beat up by a gang of black youths and still tried to persuade them to buy "the super car of super cars, quite literally."

Clarkson was born in Donington Park racecourse to a Ford Cortina and an Austin Allegro and raised by a pack of cars.

Facts[edit | edit source]

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IllogiNews has a story about Jeremy Clarkson:
  • Jeremy likes to describe himself as "a friendly dick"
  • Jeremy once said in an interview that he'd like to "shake Hitler's hand and congratulate him." There was no other context to speak of.
  • Jeremy once cheated on his wife with a Ford GT (he later said he couldn't get into it because it was too cramped, and it didn't have enough fuel in it to go the whole way without stopping. He also had some interesting comments about the car)
  • Jeremy often is found playing with cheese when he is home alone.
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