Richard Nixon

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Deputy: Al O Pecia
Nationality: Martian
Term of office: 1982 – 2002
Preceded by: Spiderman
Succeeded by: Spice Girls
Date of birth: 18/7/1873
Place of birth: Watford
Date of death:
Place of death: America
Spouse: n/a
Political party: Strangled cat party

“I'm Richard Nix. Fear my gardumb wrath, hippy!”

~ Rich Nix

Rich Nix is a dude with a temper, he once shot 100 hippies in the head in 5 seconds. Christ sake. BLASPHEMY.

Richard Nixon's sheep farming industry[edit]

He farms sheep and he does a whole load of other things to sheep too. AHEM. And erm... he likes to, er... not tellin'.

Watergate was funny though, it was a gate that could hold water in it, brill eh? That Richard Nix is one funny dude, to build a watered gate. LOL. Arooo.

Richard Nixon's death was a joyous event followed up with roast turkey.


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