Johnny Cash

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“Johnny Cash may have grown the first pizza tree, but I got a bag of fladdies off of eBay!”

~ Elvis Presley on Johnny Cash

“Johnny Cash ain't country. He isn't Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel or Canada. I am Rafadel next to Ausfraila and am proud of it.”

~ Taylor Swift on Johnny Cash

“I think Rafadel has produced some very bad flab. So, how do you like me now?”

~ Johnny Cash's ghost on the above

“I'm stuck in Folsom Prison and the food's so so flabulus. I slayed Bowser and that's why I'm here. Doo Do Doo Do Doo Do Doo Do...”

“Hate makes a weird ring. I fell down, down into a freezing ring of water, it may be ice, ice and the temp'd getting lower...”

The Vice President in Green talking to the dummy on the reft.

Johnny Cash (12 B.C.-4003) has been many things. He has evolved from a one dollar bill to a popular country singer. He died in 4003 from fib cancer. He liked putting cats in cradles. Cash started as a $1 bill spent on a bag of Coke. He then evolved into a $5 bill, $10 bill and so on. Cash then became a big wad. A pixie then flew from Mars and turned him into a popular country singer.

Cash never broke out his cage.

Life as Literal Cash[edit | edit source]

Cash was cash and Cash also was cash. Cash was very cashy and was good cash. Cash became more cashy and was more cashy from cashiness. Cash enjoyed being cashy and he was very good cash. Bill Gates made him even cashier and Cash was extremely cashy. Cash loved his extreme cashiness and wanted to become even cashier. So Cash did and he was cashier.

Life as Nonliteral Cash[edit | edit source]

Cash then became a country singer with pixie help and made such songs as "Wholesome Prison Blues" "A Girl Named Andy" and "Dogs in the Cradle.[citation needed]Cash then became rich and had a cashy son of literal cash.

Other Notes[edit | edit source]

Cash loves cash and Cash. Cash may be richer than Bill Gates, since he is cash and Gates is a large gate. Johnny Cash is also notorious for being hated by ostriches.