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“Hisssss, natural light!”

~ Some basement-dwelling geek when he pulled up a shade.

Light, a.k.a. that really bright stuff, generally drops down from the sky in the form of rainbows. According to most scientists and all interior designers, light is everything.

But we all know that scientists are always wrong.[edit | edit source]

Because if light was EVERYTHING, then Springfield would be called Lightfield, and wold hold cows made of light. But it is intuitively obvious that cows are made of milk.

And this book wouldn't be called Sounder. It'd be called Lighter.

And the dog in the cover would be on fire. Like those bears.

But if the scientists were right, then the bears would be lights, and the lights would be made of light.

And lightbulbs, being light, would emanate lightbulbs.

See? Does that make sense at all?[edit | edit source]

No? Oh, that's riiiight. You don't use deviantART. Well.

Go to Russia, put ketchup on it. See what happens.

What? Who told you that I'm dating a rabbit? What's it to you?
Bleh, well screw you too! And he's still hotter than you!



Where'd that lightbulb come from? (background noise) What you say about my mom? Why, I oughta- *bonk* @!#$5^78($)*^(#*!

AARGH! IT BURNS MY EYYYYYYEESSSSS WITHJ FIREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Bright eyes... burning like fire....

Light is as light light can lightly be.