Lossy cheese integrator

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The lossy cheese integrator is a rather peculiar component common in consuming electronics as well as a real treat to your computer. It accumulates cheese, but for some strange reason it keeps leaking, perhaps because of a broken pipeline. This has an averaging effect on the cheese level, and it is thus typically employed to maintain an appropriate level of cheesiness.

Integer versus floating-point[edit]

In digital implementations, heated controversy has taken place regarding the quality of integer calculations versus those done in floating-point systems; supposedly, integer-based accumulation of cheese is "firmer" and "better" sounding, as opposed to the muddier method of floating cheese averaging.

Why that is remains a mystery, but is has been noted that adding very small amounts of floating cheese to an already large amount for some reason simply makes the additional cheese dissapear without a trace. Similarly, removing a very small amount of floating cheese from a very large amount does not reduce the quantity. This results in greater errors in cheese level for ongoing calculations compared to an equivalent precision of fixed cheese averaging.

The use of separators in dichromic Borain smuglets[edit]

Other uses for lossy systems such as this are to gain the confidence of local government officials, and gaining an inside track to where they keep the road salt in the winter. After that, it's easy to recalculate both integrally and floating-pointedly, by inserting things you just made up into the mix. Remember that by doing so, kismet cultist will forfeit their rights to any and all afterlives.