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Me me is a word created by a teenage kid who believes that the earth is flat. It means, mee-sa soo notorious that mee-sa become a meme!

Usage and comments[edit | edit source]

A teenage kid streaming on YouTube: "So it's me, now people say I'm a me me because I speak American and I believe that the earth is flat, but WTF is a 'me me'?"

Viewer 1: "Actually, it's 'meme', meaning that your full existence itself is now a public domain and can be used freely throughout the Internet. You know, as Richard Dawkins told me, meme is a cultural gene and will NEVER die as long as we humans exist. So it means you have earned an eternal life. Congratulations to you, and a doomsday for us."

Viewer 2: "Great. Now I have to see that fu*kin' face again and again every time I browse the Internet. So great that I might never use the Internet anymore. I'll have a life style back to the 30's and I'd rather live with King Kong."

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