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“Where we're going; we don't need roads!”

~ Guy who is going off-road trucking with an unrelated quote

Back to the Future is a motion picture that explores the general attractiveness of your mother back in the day also stuff about the space-time continuum and how our actions affect the future and general zanyness BUT it's mainly about how this guy's mother totally wanted to have aggressive sex with him when she was a teenager.

WHY she wanted to bone her son[edit | edit source]

Well, for one, she didn't really know it was her son. He was from the future. Honestly, you're gonna have to see the film. Anyway, he was from the future, she cared for him when he got injured, he was totally rad and 1980's Michael J. Fox (which is, of course, the best kind).

Did HE want to bone his mother?[edit | edit source]

Well, no, because he knew it was his mother. Still, he comments on the fact that she is totally hot back in the day, which is a weird thing to say, but then again, she did kind of have it going on.

DID she bone her son?[edit | edit source]

No, because she felt uncomfortable when she kissed him, likely stemming from the fact that he was her son. Still, she was totally ready to. She had an anachronistically slutty dress on and everything. However, it was a family movie AND on shaky moral ground already, so the no intercourse occurred.

FALLOUT from the mother and son almost boning[edit | edit source]

There really wasn't any.

Critical Acclaim[edit | edit source]

“Best movie ever”

~ Oedipus

“Best movie ever”

~ Norman Bates

“Alright, you already did the same joke twice.”

~ Guy who can go fuck himself