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Who you is.

Who I is.

Who she is.

Who he is.

Who they is.

Who them is.

Who it is.

What is in a name. Well, Names are pretty fucking stupid. The first name that ever was or is was Jesus. Now Jesus was a great bro. Jesus was the King of Keggers and the concept of a name first came when he was really was blitzed and was like man I wish we had a way to tell each other apart. Then he said I know, I will be Jesus the Great and all others will be Jesus the Lesser. Niggs got jealous and then changed their name. It was all bad after that and a few that names came about. So when your kids are being selfish at night tell them that the King Of Keggers will come down and rape you repeatedly unless you cut your shit out.

Wow... That crashed and burned. Really, considering re-writing this because it is terrible.

It's hard even to tell what this has to do with "Name". If you didn't see the title then I don't know what you'd think this article is...