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Do as the Mao has done before you.

ROTFLMAO is Internet-speak for "Roll On The Floor Like Mao". It is an insult, usually directed at interweb users who complain too much.

The Mao referred to is Mao Tse-Tung (Chinese: Mao Zedong. lit. Mouth the Dung), Communist leader of China, who was an infamous crybaby (before he was destroyed by Hippopotamus Mohammed during World War sexy) Whenever he didn't get his way, he'd start rolling on the floor and crying in a peculiar way.

The Japanese found this hilarious and countered him at every military and political opportunity. Never one for political correctness (see Hello Kitty Vibrator and Crucified Santa), a Japanese company began marketing a wind-up doll that cried and rolled around (see caption). This item briefly supplanted hentai as Japan's chief export in the 1970s.


<n00b> Damn, how do I link images
<suaveadmin> Insert colon.
<n00b> Fsk u! Me aint gh3y liek j00
<n00b> P00t it up ur pwn fckin A$$
<n00b> Hlp mii oar ill go 4w4y 4eva!!!
<n00b> NOW
<suaveadmin> ROTFLMAO
<n00b> Oh, yes, I am quite sorry, I was acting a bit Maoish.
<suaveadmin> Quite. by Colon I meant ":".
<n00b> OHHHHHHH...oops..GAY

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