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The cute little pup smiles for the camera.

“Best dog I ever had. Had nothing to do with the wounds on my arm that look like shark bites. No'tin at all. Eeeyyyyyyyy!”

~ Former owner of the dog before shipping it off to the pound

S. Hark (Full name: Stephen Hark; aka "Essy", "S") was the most bloodthirsty harmless pet of all time. I mean, all of those deaths of the children that owned him were completely coincidental! He had absolutely nothing to do with it!

S. Hark was owned by 36 different families located in or around the city of Kensington before the town blew up. In every single one of those thirty-six families, one or more people somehow, strangely, lost a limb to what appeared to be a shark. I assure you, though, S. Hark had nothing to do with this! The fluffy dog is nice and won't bite anyone, unless he has the urge for blood like it does almost everyday! The fact that within a week after they bought the dog someone in the family died or nearly died of blood loss is irrelevant!

S. Hark's favorite foods were fish and human flesh. The thing thing that got him the most excited was the smell of human blood.

Not only this, but S. Hark was the cutest dog on the whole planet. I mean, if a dog is super cute, there's no way it could be totally bloodthirsty and more closely related to a shark than a dog, right? Heh... Heheh..... Right.....

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