Salmon are made of fish!

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Notice that bats are not eating his legs.

“But salmon mousse is not made of moose

I swear it's true! Salmon are made of fish!

I know, I know. All of these years, we the sheeple, have complacently accommodated Satanic rituals into our lives. Who hasn't extended a tentacle into that piquant dimension, only to have their cable get shut off, or auto insurance cancelled? Like Don Tony & Kevin Castle.

Bears are expected to catch on soon, and then who knows what can happen? Can you imagine an influx of bears during a Madonna concert? There have been some suggestions that we just eat all the bears. Even so, the problem would just shift to Karl Rove. Those keeping Kosher would have to buy a third refrigerator to keep the bear meat. To be served to heathens only, of course.


I love that my spellchecking has let "irregardless" pass, but not "spellchecking".