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Scrabster, Isle of Playful Mischief, or Not?

The peacful Isle of Scrabster has recently begun construction on the world's largest non-nuclear explosive device since that incident in Kentuckistan with the chicken farm (you all know what I'm talking about). The bomb is allegedly being built inside an enormous foam goat by an underground society headed by its leader Moley McMoleyson.

When asked to comment, Moley McMoleyson would only give us a brief 4 hour personal interview complete with pre-made charts on Sony's recent success in the "Owning everything on the planet" movement. After demonstrating the relative size of the explosive blast using plastecine and action figures, we had several of our own scientists examine the bomb. If our figures are correct, this non-nuclear device could be powerful enough to blow a hole the size of Jupiter in the side of the Earth. When asked how this sort of thing could be allowed to happen, the Emperor of Chinamerely shrugged and showed us a order form filled out by Moley McMoleyson for "a crap load of dynamite".

The underground "Mole" society is planning on using the device to bring lasting peace to the Middle East.