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The Senseo is a device to take over the world. The device makes people think that they are drinking coffee. What they are really doing is something quite more devestating. When people use their Senseo, it is planting a small Nanodevice into the rear brainsection of the victim. As a result, the victim starts to believe that everything written on Wikipedia is true, making it possible for the managers of Wikipedia to take over the world.

Who made it ?[edit]

None other than the evil writers of Wikipedia. Many of them are ex-KGB/Nazi's, just waiting for a chance to take over the world.

The most cunning thing about it is that people from Philips believe that they made the Senseo Coffee Machine themselves. How this was done is unknown to this day, but we'll keep you updated!

Can we resist ?[edit]

So far, there was nobody who couldn't be fooled by the Senseo, except a man called Oscar Wilde.

He was caught saying:

“This is definitely not my cup of coffee

However, nobody has seen Oscar Wilde ever since.