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The mad sisters have decided to take this woefully neglected mask and turn it into a proper Nightmare.
For now it is a work in progress.

“The madnesses of an unfettered mind are tantamount to silence.”

~ Ajirahd

“It's the silence... the damned, deafening silence...”

~ Markob Dempsty on why he killed everyone

“What's that? I cant hear it.”

“She's deafened me with silence”

~ New Wave parody

I don't think you quite realise what a peculiar thing noise is. I really don't think so at all. Oh, what, you think this should be about silence? Pretentious lot, folks are; think there be stuffs to be said on nothings. Stuffs! On nothings! The entire point of nothings is that they tend to be just that - nothing. Nothing to them, nothing about them, nothing around them. They just are not. And silence is a nothing just like the rest of them.

But noise, on the other hand...

Noise, for nothing, for that volume... Mööse!