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Take anything out of context and it could come across poetical. Take anything into context and it could come across poetical. Take anything solely in context and the poetry will fail.

—The Madness

The mad sisters have decided to take these woefully neglected masks and turn them into proper Nightmares.
For now it is a work in progress.

Well, here I am. Or seem to be - take your pick. Perhaps this is all just a dream... But whose dream? Mine? Yours? The Red King's? That Random Fellow Over There's?

Whatever this might be, and no matter who I am, I've decided to put down a mask in this place. Whatever it does will be recorded here, at least sooner or later... So far as we ever get around to doing anything in the first place, of course.

For now, the KittyGreen is ready to cough up hairballs and randomness for you in the section for babbling if you are so inclined. Enjoy your stay and don't feed the manholes and muskoxen. Please. It will only result in manslaughter... *shifty eyes*

~Yours sincerely, One Out Of Many Masks

Okay, okay. Things. That I've made. Kinda. Lists, only very small yet because... well, lazy. *shifty eyes*

Things that are (mostly) done (Well... "published", at any rate...):

Nightmare (colab. with Athyria)


Things that should be done but aren't: