Space Greeks

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Upon sighting Space Bunny, the ships chiropractor performed an ill advised neck adjustment on the captain. Three hours later he died from a massive stroke, and sued himself for being stupid enough to have a ships chiropractor.

Space Greeks invented the Great Space Coaster as Edgar Allen Poe ate opium and wrote drivel. Often mistaken for Boris Karloff, these intrepid space farers plied the space lanes for space booties and ouzo. Often drunk and belligerent, a significant minority of them attended chiropractic "colleges", and with help from Scientology practice management software. Thus, every space ship crewed by Space Greeks had a union rule requiring a minimum of three chiropractors per ten regular crew members. There was much grumbling and gnashing of teeth (or dentures, as the case may be), especially when the esteemed "doctors" performed surprise neck adjustments.

Most chiropractors instinctively react to enstartlement by cracking the nearest neck. It is speculated among the Inuits that this is drilled into them using hypnosis and mind-altering substances while at "college".

Spawned from pterosaurs, Space Greeks soon outgrew their home archipelago, and felt pressure to expand to mainland Greece. Because of their anacronistic stubby little wings, the were not considered true Greeks by the mainlanders, and faced hostility from their arrival on the Hellenic eyries overlooking the sea. Using guile and gift cards, they worked their way into the power structure that connected the quarrelsome land of city-states; religion.

They established settlements wherever pizza was popular, quickly out-reproducing their neighbor and converting them to Bokononism. Prickly by nature, restless neutrons brought on by catalepsy and dogelepsy would often penetrate the hulls of their enormous space ships, enraging them into fits of pique. Consequently, their archenemy is Space Rabbit.

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