Sunflower with stomach flue

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The Encounter[edit]

The sprinklerman (Cheif Wiggity Wiggity) walked down darkly shaded yellow brick road, he spotted a sunflower with a stomach flue. The sunflower sneezed on the sprinkler. Then he got mad and said, "that was not nice, not nice at all" so he bit the petals off the sunflower, then walked on.

Looks so peacful... until it sneezes on you.

Stealing is a Nauty Nauty Thing[edit]

He passed a rock, a pair of scissors, and a piece of paper fighting with each other, nothing strange there. Then he passed a cingular at and t store and walked through the dumpster door. Although apparently he ended up in Switzerland, where he stole... a... bag... pipe... from Tony Montana...

Help from a friendly friend[edit]

He got a ride from his friendly friend Will Farrell in his private, over populated, flying pool, he ended up 199 thousand leagues under the sea. He hitched a ride on a hippo and a copy of The Lord of the Flies to Asia. From there he wondered onto a stage, in front of 50 watering cans. Cheif Wiggity Wiggity said, "Holy Upington larkingson!(?????)." Then he was chased out of the building by angry water cans.


Cheif Wiggity Wiggity ran into a brick wall, and was trapped by the mob of watering cans. Only then did he realize he was in England not Asia. Suddenly... J.K. Rowling swoops down on her flying broom and picks up Chief Wiggity Wiggity and turns all the watering cans into copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows with her magic wand!

A Tragedy[edit]

J.K. Rowling drops off Cheif Wiggity Wiggity in the Roman Colosseum, where soon after he is eaten by none other than, Tom Brady. He ends up in the stomach where he follows a tunnel until he meets, Nemo, from the movie Finding Nemo. He thinks Nemo would be friendly, until he pulled out a pitch fork and tells Cheif Wiggity Wiggity to get lost. Just as Cheif Wiggity Wiggity is about get stabbed, he gets spit out.


As the sprinkler lay there on the ground dazed, he comes to his senses and realizes he was saved by Peyton Manning, although he then realized he was unintentional saved when he saw that Peyton had punched Tom in the gut while in a fist fight with him. So the Cheif Wiggity Wiggity moved on.

A Way Back Home[edit]

Cheif Wiggity Wiggity decided enough was enough, and tried to figure a way back home. Just then he realized he still had the bag pipe! So then he blew on it as hard as he could, which flew him back home! With a shock he realized he was headed straight for a building! He crashed through the roof and landed in a chair in the doctors office. The doctor turned around and said, "Oh my looks like you have the stomach flue!". Startled the sprinkler exclaimed, "Curse you sunflower!"