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First introduced by way of a certain logo, the definitive answer to the creation of illogical imagery - bananaslicing - is an unsung alternative to the Uncyclopedian practice of potatochopping. A name much more obscure, bearing much less resemblence to that of a certain Adobe product (including a complete lack of facial hair), referring to bananaslicing is sure to cause great confusion.

The procedures of the sacred practice of bananaslicing[edit]

A victim.

"Well, then, just what does bananaslicing entail?", you might ask. Or not ask. Whichever you prefer. Fish not included.

Whether you want to know or not, the secret in question is about to be revealed...
Brace yourself; muhahahahahaaa! Hey, Wait a minute!

The ingredients of a proper bananaslicing are as follows:

  • Take one grain of cheese to be snarled upon.
  • Snarl upon the grain of cheese.
  • Discard the grain of cheese. What use could it possibly be of?
  • Feel guilty and pick up the grain of cheese and eat it rendering your arms purplish.
  • Figuratively, peel the banana to be sliced.
    Shred the useless sanity of the image you are about to desecrate! Mwahahahaaa!
  • My, my, we are getting a bit excited here, it seems. No matter. And that is exactly what this final step is meant to achieve; the complete transformation of matter into energy. Consult your local new-age guru for more information before subsistence farming in London.
Here be Bananas

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