Top Ten Things I Would NOT Do for a Klondike Bar

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We all have our limits, don't we? I mean, I'd sure as hell steal candy from a baby or push a cow over in the middle the night without batting a single eye for a Klondike Bar. Heck, I'd even impregnate Bcbkye with my finger on the button that launches nukes bound for Illogia for a Klondike Bar! But these things... these things... these things are just straight up NOPE all around.

  1. Homework
  2. Become a telemarketer for Ralph Spreadsheet
  3. Hug and kiss my mother
  4. Refuse to "wrap it" before I "tap it"
  5. Listen to a soothing piano piece
  6. become a professional crab
  7. Her
  8. Give my best effort
  9. Get accepted into a prestigious Californian university
  10. Edit Illogicopedia

If you're thinking, "This guy is pretty sane!" then clearly, you have had a Klondike Bar.

...Unless you have any Magnum Chocolate Bars lying around in the freezer-

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