Trent in Spoonland

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Chapter One – Fruit For Arms?[edit | edit source]

Trent woke with a start. “Hmm…?” he thought to himself. He looked up and his little brother Jacob was there, jumping on the end of Trent’s bed. “Get out you little sonk!” shouted Trent. Jacob ran away crying. Trent walked into the kitchen. He quickly made himself a bowl of cereal and just as he was about to eat some, he realised something wasn’t right. He looked over at Jacob – and there it was. His left arm was a banana! Trent looked over to his dad and saw his left arm was also a banana! He remembered the advice his grandfather gave him back when he came down for a visit: “Bananas for arms need attention from the citizens of Spoonland”. He ran to his room and packed his suitcase. This was going to be a long journey.

Chapter Two – The Journey to Spoonland[edit | edit source]

Before his parents could get out the door Trent was already halfway down the street. Sprinting as fast as he could, he was already getting close to Spoonland. But the trip would not be that easy – up ahead a Grue waited silently for Trent to run past! Luckily Trent had a torch with him to shine at the Grue, who was hiding in the shade just dark enough for it to stand.

Chapter Three – The Citizens of Spoonland[edit | edit source]

Trent had finally arrived in Spoonland. All the people seemed to be ducks juggling spoons, and they all spoke Mr. Blobby language. The first duck he talked to knew why he was here, and led Trent to the lab. There he gave Trent three lab glasses containing purple liquid labeled “LOLCHEESE”. The duck then pushed him out of the lab and into the streets of Spoonland.

Trent headed for home. He knew he would just need to give each family member one of the glasses of purple liquid. The trip home was all good, and nothing slightly sonk happened.

Chapter Four – The Cure[edit | edit source]

When Trent arrived home, he immediately told every family member to “drink this shit” so they would be cured. They did, and their arms quickly de-fruitized.

FIN[edit | edit source]

Or... not...