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Me! You! Stupid edits

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“My hankerchief told me once that I had to kill the neighbours.”

~ on And nobody wants to believe me!!!

“Jæs vi kæn!”

~ on "Yes we can" in Norwegian.

“I will be a super hero!”

~ on A friend when he was a little boy.

“You're strange, you can't be a super hero! Forget it! I will be God or a Martian or something.”

~ on Me, at the same age.

Hi, I'm Cartoonist. You can also call me Henning, but not the both names at the same time, keep it short. I administrate Artigpedia, the Norwegian version of ?pedia.

I'm not only active on Illogicopedia, but also on Uncyclomedia (dah umbrellah organisatiah). See my userpage over there.

My view on Illogicopedia[edit | edit source]

It's an alternative of Uncyclopedia

People want to have fun, yeah? Where else can they do that? At work? No. At home? It depends... At the internet? Nowhere, except here. Illogicopedia can be seen as a kind of therapy. We all have frustrations, and we should throw them off ourselves, shouldn't we? Oh crap, I sound like a psychologist...

Articles[edit | edit source]

In order to click on a blue link (a word in blue which redirects to another article), you should move your arm, lay your hand on the mouse, and move the mouse to the left or to the right. Then a cursor, which is shaped like an arrow, will appear on your screen (that television in front of you). Now, you should move that mouse very slightly to the direction of one of those blue links. Yes! That's it! Very well. Afterwards, when you're allready there, you should click on the blue word. You click by pushing the left button of your mouse. If another page on your screen appears, you have succeeded.

  1. Yes we can!
  2. No we can't!
  3. Okay
  4. Jägermeister
  6. European Union
  7. Brussels
  8. Over there
  9. Rocket launch
  10. You deleted my article
  11. Create the page on this wiki!
  12. F13
  13. Roberto
  14. Never mind