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Hi. My name is Chance Blacktown. You might remember me being banned from such crapshit sites as DeviantTART, Youtube, 4chan, ED and countless others. The reason why I was banned was because I told the truth and didn't give a fuck what anyone else thought. Well, none of that matters now, because I'm making a fresh start here on Uncyclopedia Failcyclopedia Hentai Foundry Illogicopedia.

Speaking of which, I mainly write attack articles about piece of shit Trollfags, so if that's what you're into, feel free to take a look 'round and leave a message if you see something you like. Despite what those FUCKING RETARDS at ED seem to think, I'm actually a pretty friendly guy who enjoys lulzing it up online, so don't be afraid to drop by my talk page for a chat. Ciao for now, Chance.

Articles I'm working on[edit]