We won't stand for anything!

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We definitely won't stand for this!

We at Illogicopedia are sick and tired... mostly tired, I guess... and we won't stand for anything! That's right. We stand for nothing in particular. Oh, certainly, some will stand when a superior enters the room, some will stand, sit and kneel at religious cervixes; those of us in military cervix will stand at attention; those of us with two cervices (or more in the rare case of multiple cervical cervices) will not stand to pee.

Okay, fine. We will stand sometimes.

A charitable gift for the cogitationally deficient[edit]

I challenge all clothing manufacturers to put DO NOT IRON WHILE WEARING SHIRT labels on their products. Social Darwinists will pooh-pooh the idea, believing that stupidity ought to be bred out of humans. I would disagree with such an idea, not only because I find it morally repugnant. Our knowledge of genetics and social sciences is such that we can't predict which other traits and talents might be coupled in some stupid person. Morons can be irritating, obstructionist and damned inconvenient. On the other hand, most are capable of pursuing some sort of career, of contributing to a society . They are able to love, and to act on it.

Until there is overwhelming evidence that culling the stupid is the only way to prevent the extinction of humans, I will remain solidly against it. That being said, if certain idiots were to shuffle off their mortal coils for the good of humanity, I would not be disappointed.