The great Makimono of the Pioneer

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Came from Usopedia. Also have an account on English Uncyclopedia.

Accounts on French, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, and German are all created only to prevent spoofing.

Articles I created[edit]

Useful glossaries combating vandals from Japan[edit]

Just for help.

  • ソックパペット/そっくぱぺっと、靴下/くつした/クツシタ、操り人形/あやつりにんぎょう/アヤツリニンギョウ - Sockpuppet
  • スパム - Spam
  • ~と疑われるユーザー/~とうたがわれるゆーざー/~トウタガワレルユーザー - user doubted as ~
  • 寝かせ垢/寝かせアカ/ねかせあか/ネカセアカ - Accounts waiting to be "autoconfirmed" (mainly to act as a vandal)
  • 荒らし/嵐/あらし/アラシ - Vandal, Vandalism
  • ブロック/ぶろっく - block

Sysop lists of some major MediaWiki websites in Japan[edit]

Often spoofed by vandals from Japan. Might be useful to go checking to the Japanese website.