A list of things I put into a Forum

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RootMeanSquare: You lose, I'm writing it. Here's the details:

  1. "Enter The Fat One" was screened. Everyone but my dog loved it.
  2. We decided to blame you for the boating kerfluffle.
  3. We met aliens on the moon because they're shy.
  4. The coffee bar now stocks those little Cuban coffees.
  5. Swordplay was written in to the "Smelly Socks: The Underling".
  6. Caterwauling was legalized.
  7. Seppy was wrong once, but right 8 times. I suck.
  8. The password is "reacharound".
  9. There are no goats on this page.
  10. The best way to kill possessed geese is electrocution.
  11. Regis Philbin is both a name and a parallel universe where cheerleaders are missing teeth.
  12. Smell?
  13. "There is no credit card required to sleep with us".
  14. The mustache has needed cleaning for weeks.
  15. Hindley made Jimi Hendrix sound better with Autotune.