Anh! Fingerpuppet! Anh! Anh! Anh! Anh! Anh! Fingerpuppet!

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Travis of the Cosmos will certify, I am right on this. You can trust him, because he's obviously a Pastafarian.

Anh! Fingerpuppet! Anh! Anh! Anh! Anh! Anh! Fingerpuppet! is what Master Shake really talk-sings at the end every episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Contrary to claims on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Wiki, he is not singing "dancing is forbidden" sped up and electronically permogrificated.

These lies are promulgated by the Committee for the Promulgation of Outright Lies, currently stationed on Phobos but transmitting via time traveling virgins. In truth, it is not reptilians and reptilian-human hybrids we should fear, but rather the true alien foes of humanity, the fiends running network television and the Canadian Air Force.

In light of this, it makes sense that a Royal Canadian Air Force officer was a serial rapist-killer. He is one of the mutant offspring of evil genetics experimentation that managed to avoid implantation with a GPS chip.

So-called "rational people" deny these clear arguments, instead insisting that we all get our genitalia checked for deformities and evidence of syphilis. Surely Satan drives these smarty-pants atheists to such deeds.

The funny thing about Satan was the snakes that came out from the bottom of his head. Considering he is a floating, flaming squid entity come to Earth with suspicious motives, though, he's a pretty humorous dude. And a confused individual, in the words of Granny.

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