Ano desu ne

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Ano desu ne is a wonderful Japanese expression which roughly means, "alright, I've tried to explain clearly. It's obvious you're a moron, so what follows is an explanation for small children and idiots.".

It's unfortunate for me that there is no English equivalent. I would use it at every opportunity because it's that funny. This belies the source of a dichotomy which runs deeply in my rotted soul, Jungian archetype level deeply. On the one foot, my sincere intent is to behave compassionately, affording my fellow life form appropriate respect. Opposed to this is a monkey brained delight in proof that I am smart and this other person is stupid.

I find achieving this small epiphany with a dog or a cat is not as satisfying. Perhaps it is the quadruped, by adapting and improvising communication with humans, is more intelligent than us. Because we are limited by our verbal and non-verbal methods, it is up to the animal to work out some way of getting a point across, bypassing for the most part those things which are the basis of our communication.

I've discussed this with Frunobulax often. Surprisingly, a lot of her opinions were formed by listening to human discussions and paying attention to television. She gets particularly excited by BookTV presentations, public television, National Geographic and the Smithsonian Channel. Her opinions. Are informed by an idea of an impersonal holiness embedded in Nature.

Of course, her comprehension is not always complete. She considered herself a Christian Scientist in her second year. From there she developed an adolescent fascination with existentialism, then Zen Buddhism.