Are you hungry?

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"Are you hungry?" This question has been pondered since the beginning of time. Philosophers have repeatedly asked it to each other while sitting around sipping wine made of air, making utter fools of themselves. They should've been sipping guava juice.

Importance of the question[edit]

Crisp yet toasty, the pateahistorcal emebullance of this preterdox has been grasped at by many a fat, sausage-fingered hand. It lifts! It sifts! It separates the seeping sandwich of sepia into three parts (although Plato insisted on two): the precedent, the postcedent, and the Santa Maria. Each of these vardian modesii qualifabricates a hepsiglottal maverick, subvaldilineating the Mandillic trunction.

The precedent[edit]

The precedent cedends the stairs before anyone else due to waking up extra early. On a blisotuvial matrix, the precedent forms the arguant of the composite, although many syllophanists associate it with the archetype. Silly Americans.

The postcedent[edit]

The postcedent, or as Aristocrates initially titled it, the postdescent, went and descended in wet cement and got bent. Blisotuvially it forms the solipsant of the composite, more predictably corresponding to its syllophantic archetype. It also likes sushi.

The Santa Maria[edit]

This is the one that Plato claimed in his earlier work on the subject was not actually. His rationale for this was that Christopher Columbus was a bad man. He switched to claiming that the predecent was not actual in later volumes however, probably due to being sued by Santa Claus. There is some debate over whether the blisotuvial matrix should analyze the Santa Maria as the infruent of the composite, or as the animant, thus making the postcedent deuteroinfruential. However, infruent matrillignment seems more plausible, as its syllophantic archetype is .

In pop culture[edit]

Bart Simpson probably asks Jessica if she's hungry at one point I dunno.

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