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Bat fuck insane (Portuguese: bode foda luoco) belches them scrappy Biblical verses like an evangelist off his/her meds. Living on a strict diet of snausages, Moxie and tequila, this type of insanity bleed through the damask piping of pricy sofas.

Snarfle the scent of the bat fuck phnyak.

Bats. Bat 🦇 bat 🦇 makes bats plural. Sadly, wrench the pocket stitching with a 🦇.

Special Ops Nuns of the Bene Gesserit Order palpate inexorably toward Bethlehem... slouching, as it were. Shambling down the road, popping and locking. Growing the groove, per se. Delapidating rude monkey apparel to none such as redunzl.

Evil teletubbies feast on the carcass of freshly slaughtered Barney the purple dinosaur. They are composed of bat fuck matter.

“You're as intelligent as a wet bag of hedgehogs. Without the bag.”

~ Blackadder on Baldrick

Never predate upon the bat fuck insane, for they will work their evil machinations in such a way as to make you curse your mother for birthing you. Never mind the gregarious chained lolligaggers, gagging lollies hither and thither. Ignore Mike Tyson Mysteries, and Tyson's chickens clucking for victory over their altitudinous adversaries, the bats.

Cricket bats, obtained at discount rated from Korean laboratories, are the smallest bats ever. Resurging post surge, they cavort and giggle their way into the hearts of Rick and Morty fans. For realsies. Iconic 🦇 roost imperceptively in their stench warrens, clutching their elbows for Mike Tyson's benefit. He likes it when fans hurl squirrels at him.

“As falls Wichita, so falls Wichita Falls.”

~ Pat Metheny

Percy's pursed pursed lips, per se[edit | edit source]

It's always 420 somewhere.