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All Things Bat Fuck This article pertains to things which are Bat Fuck
and contains possible Adult Content. People with mental illness or Brain Lock may want to avoid reading this. Others are cautioned that reading this article may cause mental illness or brain lesions.

Dead monkey reserves are dangerously low when flashing.

Bat fuck charioteers were strategically placed on the battlefield, first by the Assyrians and then by the Egyptians.

Bat fuck matter is an unidentified type of matter distinct from dark matter, dark energy, baryonic matter (ordinary matter), and neutrinos whose existence would explain a number of otherwise puzzling psychoastronomical observations. Where bat fuck matter exists in sufficient density, the behavior and thinking of sentient creatures can become bat fuck.

Unlike baryonic matter, bat fuck matter is unaffected by the strong and weak forces. Electromagnetism interacts with it similarly to the way gravity does with baryonic and dark matter; it manifests as an attractive force. Bat fuck matter is known to exist only in gravitational wells.

Effects of bat fuck matter[edit]

The effects of bat fuck matter on sentience is to warp it in such a manner as to be called bizarre, weird or insane. These effects are felt most keenly by humans with the so-called bat fuck epigenome, an inherited potential for sensitivity to bat fuck matter.

Internet content[edit]

Although not limited to the internet, there is a vast cornucopia of bat fuck content there which has been influenced by the close proximity of bat fuck matter to computer users. A small share of this content is bat fuckery consciously and deliberately harnessed and written in controlled bursts. A fair amount of the content on Illogicopedia is the product of bat fuckery.