Benoît Balls

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Benoît? Is that you?

Benoît Balls

Go ahead. Try saying Benoît, and not immediately following it with Balls. Oh, you're not that old? You haven't been watching Archer?

Alright, never mind then.

If you recall Red Dwarf... no? Hilarious Britcom from the 80s? Well, smeg or smegging were the common curse words.

Pals of mine gathered around the podium, gallant and fruity. Ranchers from outside town nursed their rancor against us, plotting painful demise. The bastards. Battle lines were drawn out. On parchment, this time. We sent the kids to gather kindling while we aimed our practiced telekinesis at changing their minds. With silly putty.

All prattling aside, let's get down to brass tacks. Set into leather chair, they look great. Knirps for moisture.

Scale the tor!