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Warning: this article was written by a young American male who inherently dislikes his government, which started with the announcement of the 2016 presidential candidate lineup and their proposals for "change." Although the content of this article sounds like it was written by a conservative Republican for slanderous purposes, the author does not identify with any political party or ideology and simply uses this website occasionally as a method of venting strong dissatisfaction with his government.



~ The GOP


“Too old to run for president!”

~ Politically neutral people


~ Oblivious young Americans who mindlessly support Sanders without having a single idea as to what he plans to do to their country (except make college free for everyone) nor having the slightest incentive as to how he will make any significant changes to the governmental system of America (except its possible downfall, since people will totally disagree with the new government) using fucking socialism!

“Is he related to Colonel Sanders?”

~ Anybody else

Burning Sanders is the new FREE (did we mention, FREE!?) signature dish (next to chicken in the lemonade) of KFC! AND IT'S TOTALLY FREE!!! Try it with their SEEMINGLY NEW BUT ACTUALLY ISN'T SO NEW (ALSO FREE!) side dish of the concept of improving the status of the middle class alongside a FREE helping of flawed and illogical plans to save money in the government!

2016 US Election
An Illogicopedian guide to a very something-cratic election. Hide the kids!
Hilly the First Female (Democracy or what?) Bigger than life, like Texas (It's a republic obviously)
For a better nickname... (Republicant (with the ant on the end) Three generations and counting (Like Fox News) IRISH-ish (I'm pretty democrazy) Money does the job (Rep yet again) Not related to KFC (On the far bluish end) John Ithinki'mgonnabesick (The GOP will gladly clean my mess) Green-skinned Frankenstein (It might be the cannabis...)
Result: Let's all move to Canada!
See who's in and who's out
Final Candidates
It's Hillary-ous how negligent yet over-qualified she is to do this!
Rigging and bribing my way to the top is the ultimate political Trump card!