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The junkyard has a very wide range of products.

“When I was a youngin', the only thing we shopped fer was a new tractor to work the farm with! And expensive clothes, hats and accessories to pamper the family with, but I won't say anything about those.”

~ A Senior Citizen

Shopping is what women do, simply put. In other words, it's spending money on unnecessary things like hair products, makeup,Shovels, and clothes (seriously, who needs it?) without any sort of greater purpose besides the fact that they enjoy doing it. It's men whole get the real, important shopping done. They buy the more important things in life.

Shopping can occur in any number of places, including the Local Convenience Shop, your local mall, or even some back alley where people sell things like drugs and pirated movies. However, places like the junkyard have the best selections of items, and for the most part it's free if you sneak in at night and take it away without anyone noticing.

It is important that all shoppers are warned of shoplifters; being in a store while a culprit works his magic isn't exactly a fun experience. To prevent being in a shoplifting experience it is recommended that you buy all of your crap online, work the sake of hackers looking for peoples' computers to take over.

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