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Please note: cheese is llama.
Or satan.
For anti-cheesists, see Why Cheese isnt funneh
For cleverly-disguised non-cheese items, see Cheesy clones

“I've never had French cheese but I'm willing to try. Anyone else out there brie-curious?”

~ Jessica Alba on her cheese fantasies

Cheese does not follow suit. Nor does it follow a suitcase; that is not the case. You must pray to your lord and savior Mateo Christ some Grue cheesily. And beware of the cheese, for it is a most vile and evil thing! Even more evil than The Big Cheese. Unpurely, nastily evil, unlike pure evil, which is divine. (disregard that, for it is a nose) cheese in fact seeks to devour the universe!

Some do not agree, though; in fact[citration needed], some even go as far as to suggest that Cheese is the wurst!

Cheese is good for you and your knees!!![edit]

Cheese is round yellow and smelly, I like cheese filling my belly!! I like cheese because it looks like my poop.

A sinisterly cheesy mumble is heard...[edit]

Cheese knows carrots; carrots know cheese!
It is all connected. Yes, yes it is!
Far beyond the sphere of nose...


DO YOU WANT SOME CHEESE Butt Crack , GROMMIT??!!??!!??!!

Effects of eating cheese before you go to pooExample.jpg[edit]


blibbity blobbity blipy blop[edit]

Also remember that cheese cannot be made out of pants.

Or bananas.